SEENDICO about the potential impact of TTIP on the Polish economy

In the newest SEENDICO report for the Ministry of Economic Development we evaluate the TTIP impact assessment presented by the European Commission in a report prepared by Ecorys. We show that the projected additional growth of Polish GDP resulting from the adoption of the agreement will be negligible (between 0.04%-0.06% in 2030 in comparison to […]

What you need to invest abroad?

SEENDICO, Foreign Expansion Fund and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development present the series of videos for companies explaining what you need to invest abroad. The training addresses the following questions: What you need to know to invest abroad, and how to prepare your company for foreign investment? Which financial instruments can be used to […]

Hundreds of foreign companies taken over by Polish firms over the last decade

The last decade has brought a dynamic increase in the number and value of investments carried out by Polish companies abroad. In a study we examined how companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange carried out this process. A quarter of listed companies have been involved in a foreign project of some sort, and 72 […]

Foreign investment of companies listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Every fourth company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange already have at least one branch or a subsidiary abroad. On the other hand, three-quarters of the companies which have invested abroad is planning further investments. Such results were presented in a book on foreign direct investment of Polish enterprises – co-authored by the managing partners […]

Polish space industry

In upcoming years potential of Polish space industry and institutions related to this sector can increase substantially. However, exploitation of all opportunities – related to the development of the space economy – requires an integration of activities carried out within the scope of the Polish space policy, and the opportunities created by the Polish membership […]


SEENDICO in Lublin Science and Technology Park

Developing a plan to improve the strategy of Lublin Science and Technology Park (LPNT) was the key goal of the project implemented by the SEENDICO in the framework of MITKE Program (Managing the Industrial Territory in the Knowledge Era – Management of industrial areas in Times of Knowledge) – part of the Interregional Cooperation Program […]

Polska w Pułapce Średniego Dochodu

Poland in the middle income trap

Will Poland fall in the middle income trap? Finding the answer to this question is the goal of the book co-authored by managing partners of the SEENDICO – totled Poland in the middle income trap. The essence of the middle income trap in the economic development of countries is a long-term economic slowdown, coming after […]

Strategic consulting

DIAGNOSING ENTERPRISE POTENTIAL, DEVELOPING BUSINESS AND IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES, PROCESSES OPTIMIZATION We support our clients by providing them with such services as: Strategic audits – comprehensive or selective evaluation of the implementation of corporate strategies in the context of market conditions and internal potential of the company, Performing due diligence – market, financial, strategic, Evaluation of […]

Economic and market analysis

KNOWLEDGE OF MARKET TRENDS, THE STRUCTURE oOF SECTORS AND ABILITY TO FORECAST ECONOMIC CHANGES ARE THE PRE-CONDITION FOR EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING IN BOTH ENTERPRISES AND PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS We support our clients by preparing: In-depth analysis of economic trends, Market forecasts on macroeconomic trends and sector, Competitive analysis and benchmarking of enterprises.

Business and assets valuation

BUSINESS VALUATION OR ASSETS VALUATION IS NOT JUST IMPORTANT WHEN YOU PLAN TO SELL THE COMPANY. IT CAN ALSO BE USED AS A BUSINESS PERFORMANCE INDICATOR TO DEMONSTRATE THE DIRECTION THE BUSINESS IS HEADING. We support our clients by preparing: Company valuation, Valuation of an organized part of the enterprise, The valuation of start-up companies, Valuation […]