Our mission

Our mission is to support managers in the decisions they make, and in their implementations of strategies that enhance the competitive advantage and value of their companies. We accomplish this mission by delivering knowledge about our clients’ businesses and markets, about the whole economy or its elements, and advice on strategy. Our approach to our […]

The company

SEENDICO is an economic research, analytics and strategy consulting company, headquartered in Warsaw. We are trusted consultant to many businesses, local and central government, and to other institutions. We offer the services of scientists and professionals who operate on a high level of competence in both the theory and practice of their areas of expertise. Our […]

Management board

PROF. MARIUSZ-JAN RADŁO Managing partner at SEENDICO. Professor of economics and head of Global Economic Interdependence Department at the Warsaw School of Economics. He is an author of numerous publications devoted to economics, industrial competitiveness, global value chains and innovation. Between 2004-2007, Professor Radlo was the vice president for research of the Polish Lisbon Strategy […]