Polska w Pułapce Średniego Dochodu

Poland in the middle income trap

Will Poland fall in the middle income trap? Finding the answer to this question is the goal of the book co-authored by managing partners of the SEENDICO – totled Poland in the middle income trap.

The essence of the middle income trap in the economic development of countries is a long-term economic slowdown, coming after a period of relatively rapid growth. Will Poland fall into this trap? Basing on the analysis of the GDP level and structure, labor productivity, demographic situation, the degree of the economy innovativeness and international competitiveness, the authors state that many features of the Polish economy current condition make it susceptible to stop at the level of middle-income country. The unsatisfactory pace of structural and regulatory changes does not guarantee these features rapid elimination. Authors of the book state that it is possible to avoid the trap, on condition that in the coming years will be introduced courageous reforms, which allow to eliminate barriers to growth.

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