Polish space industry

In upcoming years potential of Polish space industry and institutions related to this sector can increase substantially. However, exploitation of all opportunities – related to the development of the space economy – requires an integration of activities carried out within the scope of the Polish space policy, and the opportunities created by the Polish membership in the European Space Agency (ESA). These are only few of many other findings presented in the study prepared by the SEENDICO for the Polish Ministry of Economy – titled ” The effects of the functioning of Poland in ESA and evaluation of the current development of the Polish space industry”.

The study contains an analysis of the Polish space industry. It presents current level of the Polish space industry development, its structure and the main development trends in employment, incomes and outlays. In addition, the study also identifies the most important areas of space activity of the Polish entities, their technological competences and fields, which in the future can become a Polish expertise, and in which Polish enterprises and research institutions can gain a competitive advantage in Europe.

The report also evaluates the effects of the current participation of Poland in the European Space Agency, particularly the activity of Polish enterprises and public research institutions in programs of the Agency. In addition, the study identifies: factors determining the strength and potential of the Polish space industry, its weaknesses, opportunities to introduce favorable changes into space industry and factors that are the source of risk for its successful development.

The report includes also detailed SEENDICO recommendations concerning: space industry development trends that the Polish Government should particularly support in negotiations with the ESA and the EU, type of support which Polish entities and institutions expect from the public administration and specialized state agencies, and last but not least directions of further financing ESA optional programs from Polish contribution.